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Progressive Aviation is a thin client solution:  Ideal for providing a feature-rich, graphical user interface over the internet, an intranet or a LAN.  

The thin N-tier client system has been widely proclaimed as the architecture of the present and future.  So why are there still so many two-tier, client server applications out there?  Perhaps client server persists because it remains an effective and familiar model for many back office standalone applications in corporations.  But it can no longer be denied that two-tier implementations that have become competitively or technologically restrictive often now linger within organizations, robbing them of the benefits of more up-to-date applications.  With the thin client, you will realize the following business benefits:

  • Protect  information assets.  User interfaces come and go (character, Windows, HTML).  But the main investment is in the business logic which on the thin client architecture is separated from the user interface.  The business logic in contrast to the user interface is not likely to change a lot.  New interfaces can be added as technology changes, preserving the base investment in the enterprise software.

  • Lower maintenance costs.  Updates to client server applications often require IT staff to make time consuming (and costly) changes at every client workstation.  In a three-tier architecture, users of web clients automatically receive software updates at user login as needed.

  • Lower cost of ownership.  When application logic is centralized (and separated from client side user interface), as in an n-tier architecture, organizations can distribute processing power, storage and memory more cost effectively.   Organizations achieve this user friendly graphical functionality without the cost and maintenance of a Citrix server. 

  • Superior performance The AppServer lets you partition applications across a networked enterprise, so you no longer have a performance bottleneck at a single client or server machine.  To further refine performance and scalability, Progressive Aviation uses stateless server technology.  Using stateless technology, an AppServer process is no longer needed for each user.  Ultimately, you benefit from a corresponding reduction in overall hardware requirements and user licenses.

  • Choice of user interfaces (Character, Windows, HTML) are separated from business logic, so can put any user interface, including PDA’s.

For more discussion of thin client, reference Progress WebClient.



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