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Our comprehensive understanding of aviation business processes and best practices combined with our product and service offerings create a synergy for the optimum solution for your business needs. 

What We Offer:

Implementation Services

We have designed an implementation strategy based on  four key components of quality project management:

  1. Ensure strong communication  between CCI and Client with respect to priorities and the multitude of information involved in a project of this scope. 

  2. Ensure a quality, smooth transition as evidenced by user performance and satisfaction. 

  3. Ensure the integrity of the data conversion.

  4. Ensure that the CCI solution of software and services ultimately meets the needs of the client.

To meet these key goals,  CCI utilizes the following implementation strategy:

  • Project management.  Both the  Client and CCI select Project Leaders who ensure the coordination of project, people and budgets.

  • Business Simulation. Through the process of Business Simulation by Project Teams, the Client's operational procedures are performed on Progressive Aviation.  This process enables the Project Team to gain an increased comfort level with the new software, obtain initial training prior to full staff training, and provides an opportunity to review operational procedures and business processes/best practices in relation to the increased capabilities of the new software.  Areas of customization may also be identified.  An in-house procedure manual for use of Progressive Aviation may also be developed.

  • Training.  Prior to Business Simulations by the Project Teams, each Team receives training that corresponds to their functional area.  After completion of the simulations, end users are trained in their functional area.  The most efficient manner for this training is in a conference or lunch room set up with sufficient workstations for each attending staff person.

  • Data Conversion.  CCI provides assistance in converting data from an existing computer system.  We suggest that test conversions be used during  Training and Business Simulations as an additional opportunity for testing as well as making training more relevant for your staff.


Technical Services

At CCI, we recognize that each client has their own way of doing business.  It is for that very reason that CCI offers expert technical services that address specific client requirements.

Examples of our specialized services include:

  • Data conversion assistance

  • Initial loading of Progressive Aviation and pre-installation system audit to help ensure rapid set up of user options

  • Software customization to tailor solutions to your specific concerns, integrating an application with other in-house or external applications,  adding a new interface to an existing application,  adding a new module

  • Forms development

  • Reports development

  • Training to handle software updates


Learning Services

CCI delivers focused training to our clients.  We offer a range of learning solutions, including standard or customized on-site classes or more ad hoc Internet training sessions.  These can be offered during critically important times in the life-cycle of your system:  initial implementation training, software customization training, new update training and new hire training.  In each case, we assess our client’s learning requirements, develop a training program and then deliver the learning solution thereby ensuring a knowledge transfer and that our client maximizes the use of the system.


Support Services

CCI is ready to meet your support requirements through the following solution centered programs:

  • Annual Support Plan.  The Annual Plan is the foundation of our Client Support Services.  It ensures that your system will be updated with the latest new features as they are introduced, that you have access to the latest releases of the on-line user reference materials, and that your IT department has a resource for resolving user issues.

  • E-Collaboration Connect Services.  Moving one’s business to the Web is best approached in phases.  Your short and long-term e-business plan should identify where these applications will deliver most value.  We can work with you to identify these areas, perform a thorough gap analysis of “existing” and “to be” systems and processes, and choose the right mix of technologies and services.

  • Productivity Review Services.  Over time, business processes change to meet current business markets. We help your company maintain a competitive edge by reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of the Progressive Aviation implementation and identifying areas we can address productivity issues, operational procedures and work instructions, and changes in configuration or training that will boost your return on investment.   The key benefits of this expert technical and applications audit and assessment of your system is that details regarding performance and usage are analyzed – weak areas, areas of strength and potential areas for improved productivity. 


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