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Progressive Aviation is designed for Internet scalability 

Many applications perform adequately in an environment where the number of users, number of transactions and growth of the database are predictable.  However, when businesses offer application access over the Internet,  those applications must be ready for unpredictable fluctuations in user access.  Applications must be able to handle rapid, unplanned changes in capacity.  In an e-business environment, applications may need to support thousands of users, millions of transactions/day, and many gigabytes of data. An application that is subjected to exponentially increasing demands quickly reveals resource shortcomings and performance bottlenecks. The challenge for the application developer is to provide full-featured, top-quality applications that can scale to accommodate an ever-increasing number of users and transactions.  

With support from 30 to over 10,000 concurrent users and numerous terabytes of data,  Progress provides exceptional capability for large-scale, high performance computing.  As your organization grows, you can be assured that the Progress Enterprise Relational Database will meet the challenge.

All of this must be accomplished without sacrificing performance.   “Scaling the Heights of E-Business Demands”  describes how Progress products meet the challenge.




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