Aircraft Maintenance Software

Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Software:

Aviation MRO

Breadth, Depth and Flexibility of our Progressive Aviation Software

  • Meets the robust needs of mid-to-large size aircraft maintenance and aviation maintenance facilities, including engine/heavy overhaul/B-C-D checks/avionics shops because these special needs were incorporated into the basic design.   As you look at Progressive Aviation software, it will be very clear how this product is best suited to your environment; it is not a manufacturing or job shop package that has been modified for aviation, but an aviation and aircraft specific repair and overhaul solution (aviation MRO).

  • Our enterprise solution offers impressive breadth to each functional area.   Our typical client has several key functional areas including:  Sales, Production, Materials/Inventory Management, Purchasing, Billing and Collections, and Finance.  Our solutions span each functional area.  Examples of our breadth include:

  • Sales and Customer Service: Our solution includes: cost estimates based on shop inspection or based on historical information (past billings, turn times, previous cost & sell history, average cost, standard estimate); automatic creation of work orders as a result of incoming work receiving, pricing based on numerous factors (aircraft type, condition, OEM, discounts, work scopes, etc.) and tailored to your company; programs for exchanges/leases/rentals; inquiries for work-in-process and handling customer inquiries; automatic form generation; on-line credit checking. 

  • Production: The breadth of our solution includes:  pro-forma inventory requirements based on past usage by work scope to assist in estimates; automatic form generation; service bulletins based on part number and work scope; technical library for manuals and service bulletins; integration with stock and consignment inventories, alternates or interchangeables, purchasing of materials and subcontract work, labor collection and reporting; scrap tag control; quality variance reporting; budgets/cost inquiry summaries; handles borrows and rotables to expedite production schedule, bill of materials, revision audit trails; QPE tracking; routings and production scheduling; capability for on-line drawings/diagrams; warranty administration; processing of customer stock credits; job management information including estimates and work-in-process actual-to-budget information.

  • Purchasing: The breadth of our solution includes: on-line inventory availability from the shop floor and automatic requisitioning for purchasing and subcontract work; vendor capabilities inquiry including pricing, warranties, rejections, turn times; general purchasing for corporate requirements; forecasting; tracking subsystem for vendor changes, promises and conversations; Illustrated Parts Catalog including capability for diagrams; defective parts interface from shop floor; nonconformance subsystem for tracking exceptions; numerous historical inquiries; serial number, condition, warehouse, hours/cycles tracking.

  • Materials Management: The breadth of our solution includes:  pre-receiving of incoming customer work; freight tracking and inquiries; receiving of purchases, subcontract work, exchanges, consignments; shipping of customer work, stock and exchange sales orders, purchase order returns, units to subcontractors, inter-facility transfers between warehouses; stockroom handling of  material issues, returns to stock, new parts purchased from customer from the shop floor; different types of  inventories – company owned, consignment, exchange/rotable, government; defective parts tracking; nonconformance subsystem; bar coding, form generation.

  • Billing and Collections: The breadth of our solution includes:  Credit checking at time of work order creation, automatic e-mails, work order “close”, closed job summary offers complete details of job, invoicing, integration with accounts receivable/general ledger/revised cost/company master/capabilities/average and actual cost, customer promises/collections tracking system, freight tracking subsystem, progress billing, flat rate and split billing of work orders.

  • Finance: The breadth of our solution includes: costing of labor, material, subcontract using actual and/or average cost; revised cost subsystem for handling costs after posting; freight tracking/costing for customer bill backs, invoice reconciliation and integration with Accounts Payable; WIP and inventory balancing tools;  sales orders; general ledger; accounts payable; payroll; multi-company, division, location.|

  • Easily and simply handles many different types of work.  Whether it’s customer work, warranties (your own as well as manufacturers’), internal work (your company owned units), incoming exchanges, rotables, teardowns, assemblies or kit builds, users will quickly learn how easily Progressive Aviation handles the special considerations involved in each type of work.

  • Gives you the functionality to meet customer’s needs while their unit is in our shop.   We have functionality for exchanges, leases, rentals, and a removed parts program.  To keep production moving, the “borrowing” feature provides the tracking and costing of parts from one customer’s unit to another.  Our robust rotable tracking subsystem includes physical tracking of the units, costing and a complete audit trail. 

  • Simplifies entry on the shop floor, maximizing productivity and minimizing training.  Technicians can: check inventory availability, consignment inventory and alternate parts; order or requisition parts or subcontract work;  initiate a rotable or borrow transaction; access the stock credit subsystem which provides full audit trail of parts movement and controls shrinkage and costing to the work order; access the customer stock credit functionality which provides for the purchase of units from the customer’s unit and credits on the customer’s invoice; access the teardown functionality which provides for quick entry of parts and materials management of new inventory; defective parts which are identified on the shop floor  automatically trigger the Nonconformance Subsystem for purchasing action.

  • Gives purchasing the tools to meet production requirements.  Here are some examples of the depth of our solution:  requisitions for subcontract and materials are automatically directed from the shop floor to purchasing.  The buyer has access to vendor capabilities and performance history, alternates & interchangeable and superceding part on-line inquiries. Fulfillment priorities can be entered across work orders and integrated with receiving. Reports by shop, job and product line give a clear method of communication between production and purchasing.  For vendors, either purchase or subcontract, there is a vendor tracking subsystem.  Enter follow up actions and expedite dates and use as a reminder system or method to communicate with other internal departments.  Optimize stock purchases through usage and forecasting reports.

  • Offers unparalleled flexibility.

  • Just a few examples!  Standard note blocks can be inserted into a specific work order and then modified – saving keystrokes on repetitive standard work.  You have the ability to commit a job at last years’ pricing – we handle the vendor price changes.  We could go on and on!

  • Provides for flexible information retrieval.  For example, multi-level work orders allow you to have many sub-work orders or tasks tied to a master work order.  This feature allows you to track all tasks to one master job from a job planning/scheduling perspective, but also allows accumulation of costs and billing to sub-tasks.  Each sub-task can relate to a particular zone of the aircraft.  Here’s another example relating to estimates & work-in-process actual-to-budget information.  Estimates and variances are available for all jobs by task and for the total job.  Eliminates customer dissatisfaction and costly write-offs because you know at any phase of the job if you are over budget.

  • Has a Warranty Administration Module.