System Depth and Flexibility Overview

  • Progressive Aviation handles a wide range of aviation inventory control issues.  Multi-condition, multi-location, consignment in/out, joint ventures, subcontract, exchanges in/out.  Yes,  we have it. Another powerful inventory control feature is lot masters, enabling Progressive Aviation to track all costs associated with a group of parts including the initial acquisition or bulk cost, overhauls, freight, subcontract and returns.  It also enables tracking of all revenue associated with a group of parts.  Streamline your operation with the built-in inventory controls of Progressive Aviation. 

  • Progressive Aviation provides complete inventory traceability.   Information at your fingertips. Fully comply with government regulations.  When you receive a purchase order line item, an internal tag number is automatically assigned.  This internal tag number will stay associated with that unit forever.  If you send the unit out for repair and the returned part is different from the original part, the internal tag number is used to link the parts.  If you send the unit out on exchange and a totally different serial number is returned, they are linked by the tag number.  A single screen inquiry provides history of exchanges, repairs, consignments, etc.  Provides linkage to a document imaging system for electronic filing of certifications.   All this as a result of typical daily work! 

  • Progressive Aviation provides accurate up-to-the minute clear and concise inquiry screens.  You need information and you need it now.  We give it to you.  As an example, let’s take information on a specific physical unit.  From one central screen, you can view:  the complete history of the part, your company’s lot assignment, tagged by/date/tag number, serial number, related engine serial number, condition, warehouse, bin, quantity, cost breakdown, hours and cycles, trace level, origin, manufacturer’s lot, cure date, cycle date, shop report, source, company/division/location ownership, receiving information, linked repair order, work order, sales order, exchange, consignment, ownership details.  Drill down to view the 8130 or material certification form.  This is just one example. Need the information while on the phone with a customer?  They’ll be impressed how fast you can respond.  Add a new dimension to customer service and internal operations.

  • Progressive Aviation offers an unparalleled robust costing system.
    Actual cost, average cost, bulk cost?  We’ve got it covered.   Exchanges, consignments, rotables, borrows?  We’ve got special cost handling features for these as well.  Now for the razzle and dazzle.  What about trailing charges?  There are times when you sell a unit before all costs have been posted. This occurs when the sale has been made and you have received the units of a purchase order but not the invoice for the purchase order or you have received the units of a repair order but not the invoice from the repair order.  Therefore, you will only have an estimate of the cost of goods sold because units are updated with the actual cost when the invoice (purchase or repair) has been received and posted to accounts payable.  Until then, any costs reflected in a unit is an estimated cost.  When the sale is made the system uses this estimated cost to affect the inventory and COGS accounts in the general ledger.  When the invoice is received there exists the possibility that the actual cost is different than the estimated cost used in updating the general ledger.  This variance must be accounted for eventually.  It is for this purpose that the Progressive Aviation Revised Cost Subsystem was developed – integrated with sales order, work order, repair order, purchase order, with exchanges handled as a special case. Once and for all, truly accurate costing. Who else is calling attention to issues like this? 

  • Progressive Aviation has an outside repair order module.   Do you send customer and company owned units out for repair?  If you do this through your purchase order system, you can receive parts and pay vendors. Progressive Aviation incorporates a Repair Order Module that goes far beyond this functionality for processing work to outside vendors.  With this module, your company can be more fully streamlined  by automating typically manual functions and maintaining complete cost and traceability records.  This is a very robust module! Some of the highlights include:  for company owned units, the system will automatically maintain a complete history of the part, including the repair vendor, conditions and costing.  Repair costs can be expensed (fully or partially) or be included in the cost of the unit.   There is special functionality for teardowns and assemblies and cost allocation.  For consignment property, we take repair costs into consideration when calculating amount due to the consignor.  We also track sub-component units shipped to the vendor to be used in the repair of the unit. Repair and purchase vendors approvals are differentiated and  the repair vendor capabilities provide complete history by part and vendor, linked to subtasks. And there is more…. The difference is in the depth of our Progressive Aviation subcontract solution.

  • Progressive Aviation proves that not all accounting systems are equal.
    We’re not afraid to discuss the details of our accounting solutions because we have so much to offer.  It’s easy for the competition to say an accounts receivable system is an accounts receivable system.  We disagree!  All accounts receivable modules will produce an invoice, statement and aged trial balance.  But how about some of these features that will really help you maximize revenue, streamline processing and improve customer relations?  A collections sub-system for complete follow up notes and dates with on-screen inquiries to answer customer questions immediately.  The ability to print an historical invoice just as the customer originally saw it; then automatically fax or e-mail to the customer.  Multiple level credit checking.   Assignment of credit managers to specific customers.  Free text notes or standard text on forms; designated as “internal” to show on your own company documents or “external” to show on customer documents.  Multi-division?  No problem.  Multi-level commissions based on gross profit or revenue; paid upon cash receipt or invoice.  Customer profiles for marketing and sales analysis; elaborate sorting of multi-level user-definable validated fields.  For example, track what aircraft are in the customer’s fleet.  The level of integration from quote, sales order through to accounts receivable, including inventory and general ledger.  Contras easily handled where you owe an accounts payable and the vendor owes you an accounts receivable; system handles the credits and debit memo automatically.  We could go on and on….and this is just in the accounts receivable module!  Ask us to go on about accounts payable, general ledger.  Yes, most definitely, there is a difference.

  • Progressive Aviation has the fundamental structure a mid-to-large organization should not be without.  Multi-divisional, multi-location, multi-currency, full audit trails and comprehensive security down to the field level.  You simply can’t outgrow it.  No sales or maintenance organization is too large.  No matter how many workstations you need, all the same principles apply – you still need a system that handles in depth the complex issues of an aviation organization.  Audit trails and security that will satisfy your auditors.  Once you’ve lived with it and seen it in action…nothing less will do.