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Progressive Aviation is a cost-effective solution, offering the lowest visible cost of ownership (VCO) among database vendors. 

Organizations know that it is critical that new technology not divert time, attention and resources from accomplishing the goals of their business.   Assuring low cost of ownership comes down to choosing technologies that are simply reliable, easy to implement and maintain.

Progressive Aviation’s database technology, Progress, is at the core of its enterprise application.   A recent report by the Aberdeen Group, “Embedded Database Cost of Ownership Study", shows that the Progress OpenEdge V9.1C relational database management system (RDBMS) outranks Oracle 9i and 9iAS Release 1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as being the embedded database with the lowest cost of ownership.  The study measured visible cost of ownership (VCO), that is costs for database licenses, development tools, deployment, database administrators (DBA), training, upgrades and support.  The Progress OpenEdge V9.1 RDBMS over five years, is on average, at least 40% less expensive than Microsofts’s VCO and one-third as expensive as Oracle’s VCO

The Progress RDBMS is the world’s #1 embedded database, according to a Gartner Group/Dataquest study.  That means that more developers put Progress at the heart of their applications than any other database.  One reason why is that Progress’ ease of maintenance, superior reliability, and high availability translate to the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.  Industry analysts and customers have attested to the fact that Progress provides the lowest cost of ownership of any relational database, year in and year out.


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