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Progressive Aviation enables collaboration with your customers, suppliers and partners. 

Collaborative commerce is a pragmatic business strategy where savings increase exponentially by streamlining and automating processes not just within a single company, but between customers, suppliers and partners.  The ability to integrate disparate systems is necessary and we have the expertise to enable data exchange among applications and businesses using a variety of technologies.   XML is rapidly being embraced as the preferred method for exchanging data between diverse applications, because it is standards-based, simple, flexible, and more cost effective than previous methods.  In the rapidly growing category of messaging middleware, we work with SonicMQ to meet the unique requirements of information integration and exchange over the internet.  Offering a highly efficient, robust, cost-effective messaging solution to address enterprise application integration, SonicMQ can scale up to support full-blown highly distributed, highly scalable internet messaging requirements.  This combination allows you to integrate applications throughout your enterprise and your marketplace. 


White Paper from Progress Collaborating with your customers and partners

Press Release SonicMQ Tops Industry with First-Place Award Win in ADT’s Programmers Report Java Writer’s Choice Awards”



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